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Viaggio nel tempo tra mode e miti

The Circolo Filologico Milanese in February saw Clear Channel Italy present its offering for 2009 – 250 networks designed to overcome the crisis.

Whatever the outcome, 2008 not only ended the life cycle of the financialized economy but, with it, also the way in which Italy’s industrial business model was structured.
The crisis foreseen by the wise – and unexpected for the naive – is forcing everyone to review their conduct by imposing cost optimization and recalibrated revenue expectations.

Clear Channel assessed the risks and opportunities of this economic scenario and is ready to react by presenting a new range of products capable of accompanying companies in the face of new needs.
Without interrupting the continuous process of modernizing its offering, Clear Channel has directed its energies and resources in response to a target indicated by the market: containing costs. For this reason, Clear Channel’s offering for 2009 has been completely redesigned with networks that combine improved coverage standards for the local area targets with the need to achieve them with the least possible economic expenditure.

Paolo Casti – Clear Channel Italy

Paolo Casti – Clear Channel Italy (Moderator)
Francesco Celentano – Clear Channel
Aldo Cioffi – Mikado
Alberto Coperchini – Barilla
Beniamino Garofalo – Givenchy
Remo Lucchi – Eurisko
Roberto Lupano – D&G
Antonio Margoni – Media Consultants
Gigi Mozzi – Mediamarketing Lab
Marco Sala – ATM
Barbara Sala – Coca Cola
Cristiano Sturniolo – LiuJo

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