Vacanze Italiane Inverno

Viaggio nel tempo tra mode e miti

Italy Outdoor says goodbye to the low season by presenting “Christmas Holidays” at the Teatro Smeraldo in Milan.

An appointment ahead of the festive celebrations while enjoying ourselves interpreting colors, music and, why not, continuing the game of souvenir photos launched last Summer at the “Italian Holidays” party. Fifteen minutes of words narrating Winter advertising during the Christmas holidays.

A few minutes to describe the opportunities for outdoor advertising during the holiday period, talk about Christmas circuits reveal the antifreeze formula for Italy keen to start 2004 properly, with the usual desire to innovate because, as someone said on the radio: “ideas pass through us first”.
—Paolo Casti

Paolo Casti – Italy Outdoor

Paolo Casti – Italy Outdoor (Moderator)
Enrico Finzi – Astra Ricerche
Michael Mattesich – sitour

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