Viaggio nel tempo tra mode e miti

Clear Channel Italy presents “Risk – The strategy game”.
Paolo Casti spoke at the Circolo Filologico Milanese about the future of outdoor advertising in the media mix.

Everyone was already aware that outdoor advertising is a mine of contacts. Yet notwithstanding this advantage, it was not so well known that the medium – which witnessed the birth of all the others – could perform so well even in such a TV-oriented market as Italy.

Clear Channel, especially in recent years, has stood out from other Dealerships thanks to its excellent assets with more and better ideas about how to manage them… but are we sure it has done enough? Or have we also been infected by the prudence and coldness that a far from sparkling market suggests?
Well, the time has come to act, to take risks – obviously not by leaping into the void but by realizing that the medium has at its disposition what it needs to achieve that leap in quality that everyone expects.

We are convinced of this by new data about street furniture audiences presented without too much fuss just before the holidays – yet full of ideas for everyone who spent their holidays analyzing this information.
The temptation to help our offering achieve a qualitative leap encouraged us to explore a truly innovative media proposal, courageous if you like but also unquestionably stimulating and provocative as regards other media.

This involved an overall re-interpretation of the system covering the whole of Italy, thereby enabling outdoor advertising to be included in “All TV” investments, achieving significant benefits in terms of average performance and planning economics alike.

We behaved like people playing “Risk”, albeit limiting the playing field just to Italy.
For the occasion, we created a setting for a genuine combat scenario, with tanks and flags, metaphors for more peaceful instruments and within the reach of our media.
Our objective was the same as for all media: reach the Italian population through the broadest possible coverage. We are convinced that we found the way to do so and above all helped our customers to save some money.

We shared this experience with the main players on the market to clarify our ideas about the possibility of taking this route while reducing any risks associated with it.

Sitting around the game table, we presented our idea as a way of assessing our future, the future of our media and also to understand the best way to proceed with our customers.
—Paolo Casti

Paolo Casti – Clear Channel Italy

Paolo Casti – Clear Channel Italy (Moderator)
Marcella Bergamini – Danone Group
Marika Ferro – Dior fragranze
Alessandro Ronco – Ferrero
Loris Casadei – Porsche Italia
Massimo De Cesare – Fiat
Stefano Bertini – Rovagnati
Francesco Chiaramonte – Telecom Italia
Eugenio Bona – media Italia
Roberto Binagli – OMD

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