Viaggio nel Tempo tra Donne e Musica

The history of costume has taught us that beauty, however it may be defined in every historical period, is associated with dynamics that modify its perception.
Be Beautiful, the Philanthropic Association founded by Paolo Casti and Editta Buttura Da Prato, has pursued the meaning of beauty through studies, personal testimonies, surveys and insights.

Initiatives and meetings involving the public have seen Be Beautiful promote itself among members as a guide for discovering history, fashions, trends, techniques and art that have and will influence our taste and sense of aesthetics.

This presentation was the first of a series held all around Italy.

We talked about women and the fact that, over time, they asked different things from their beauty. Wealthy husbands, sexual freedom, emancipation, career, social role and sharing responsibilities have, more or less, chronologically been the objectives of women in recent decades. In addition to everything else, beauty was one of the weapons used by successful women, the women who hit their targets.

The concept of beauty itself, in turn for each historical cycle, took inspiration from things happening around it, in keeping with the styles and fashions of the times.

Without any claim to provide an exhaustive or complete picture, I took a journey through time in an effort to find the epicenter of the phenomena that, in my opinion, influenced tastes and trends, evolving as a consequence the concept of beauty.
What emerged was the story of a journey into the places and times of the past that generated our current taste.

Our aesthetic sense today is an alchemy of quotations and references to something that belongs to the story of every one of us hidden – and perhaps not even all that much – in the way girls color their cheek or wear shorter skirts, in the light of a glance or the audacity of a low neckline.

A highly enjoyable journey that gave me the chance to open books I had forgotten about or to read new ones I didn’t know before, to browse the magazines collected by my parents, meet people who professionally interpret the professions of beauty and make tools available so that every woman can be herself.
—Paolo Casti

Paolo Casti – Be Beautiful

Paolo Casti – Be Beautiful (Moderator)
Editta Buttura Da Prato – Be Beautiful (Special Guest)
Mariangela Bonatto – Carat Luxury
Gigi Mozzi – Mediamarketing
Monica Lazzarotto – Youmark!
Dody Nicolussi – Sky Italia

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