Viaggio nel tempo tra mode e miti

Paolo Casti spoke at the Circolo Filologico Milanese about Milan as if it were a newspaper, a magazine or a television broadcast – discussing its worth as a stage for the advertising it hosts.

The city was evaluated for what it is, in its true content, attempting to understand what it does, what it thinks, which people cross their paths with our advertising spaces, those windows of dialogue between the communication industry and collective society on the pavements and the walls of houses and buildings.

Advertisers are accustomed to considering newspapers, TV and radio stations as a support, as a communication vehicle for their clients; they are well aware that readers, viewers and listeners do not buy magazines and do not turn on the TV to see or watch advertising, in the same way people do not leave their homes or travel to another city to see which “posters are on the streets”.

This is why – when talking about advertising media – we cannot limit ourselves to considering spaces but also and above all what surrounds them, the context hosting them: we must understand where and how they are placed and why.
—Paolo Casti

Paolo Casti – Clear Channel Italy

Paolo Casti – Clear Channel Italy (Moderator)
Gilda Bojardi – Interni Magazine
Fabiana Giacomotti – Fashion Illustrated
Giulio Malegori – Aegis Media
Marco Pavanello – ATM
Davide Rampello – Triennale di Milano
Giovanni Terzi – Comune di Milano
Pier Donato Vercellone – Direttore Centrale Comunicazione e Direttore Moda, Design, Creatività ed Eventi Comune di Milano

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