X Stool

Previous Next X Stool is an essential stool.  It is made using two “X-shaped” items obtained by laser cutting an aluminium plate 2 cm in thickness.
The two “Xs” are spaced sufficiently apart to ensure a stable seat and are joined by two steel cylinders which stretch the fabric of the seat and two crosspieces integrated […]


Previous Next A keen interest in personal well-being seems to be one of the trends enjoying the highest growth rate and also the one most directly linked to culture and awareness. This encourages us to focus not only on physical fitness but also on how it can be obtained, with the relative techniques and tools. […]


Precedente Successivo DrivePod is an incredibly realistic Professional Driving Simulator designed to ensure unique, high- adrenaline emotions and diving experience. DrivePod was developed through a series of tests involving professional engineers and drivers boasting high-calibre technological expertise. Design is the hallmark of DrivePod. It was conceived as a fully-customizable item of furniture with materials and […]


Previous Next MyPod is a cluster of fitness equipment integrated into a single item of furniture. It reduces the equipment needed to activate 20 muscle groups to just six functional blocks. MyPod is an organic component of an integrated format conceived by BeBetter, the “Health Marketing Lab” division of Studio Casti which, starting from DNA […]


Previous Next STAR* is a “spiritual landmark”. The intention is to create a relationship between people and places. Like an asterisk, outside the pages of a novel, it refers to something expressed elsewhere, as a kind of landmark between the host site and its wider meaning.  It can connect lives, loves, memories and events. Asterisks […]

69F Sailing

Previous Next 69F Sailing is a project realized by sailors, athletes, managers and men of communication who believe in the future of sailing hydrofoil and its affirmation in the world of professional regattas as well as in the world of lifestyle and amateur sport; or, in wider terms, every sports enthusiast who loves adrenaline, nature […]

SCRIPTA MANENT coffee table

Previous Next In functional terms, this “coffee table” is designed to adapt to a landscape of chairs in a living room.
This product category has no shortage of particularly light-hearted items that minimize the practical approach to focus mainly on an aesthetic role in the context where they are used. SCRIPTA MANENT is conceived as a […]

Etisalat concept store

Previous Next The design of sales settings for an established brand has always been one of the most complex challenges and, consequently, also one of the most stimulating. Everything depends on the products or services on offer to the public, their tangible and, above all, intangible nature, as well as the values bonded with the […]


Previous Next Pigreco was conceived as an essential support for the physical items in the “Oggetti Esistibili” exhibition held at the Milan Triennale in 2005. Tapering upwards and made of laminated wood, it is connected by a plexiglass rod to the object on display. After the exhibition, Pigreco continued its journey as an item of […]