DrivePod is an incredibly realistic Professional Driving Simulator designed to ensure unique, high- adrenaline emotions and diving experience.

DrivePod was developed through a series of tests involving professional engineers and drivers boasting high-calibre technological expertise.

Design is the hallmark of DrivePod.
It was conceived as a fully-customizable item of furniture with materials and outlines designed for use in luxury contexts.

DrivePod has two main elements: a simple sledge-type platform used to adjust the gap between the driver and the steering wheel and a single box structure containing all the technological equipment, including the curved screen.
A customizable seat in terms of shape and finishing is mounted on the platform.
The steering column is attached to the box structure. The steering wheel can be moved closer to the driver in customized positions.

The desire to move away from endless conventional solutions – from the “bare” ones where the structure is the protagonist to the “full-body” versions with shells recalling real cars – encouraged us to minimize the elements in DrivePod and resort to original outlines and surfaces as regards products already available on the market.
– Paolo Casti

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