Cestino Napoli

Trash cans used in the historic center of Naples.

These cans have the classic shape of an amphora: slender and tapered at the base to reduce its footprint on the ground, yet fitted with a secure mount that, in addition to blocking the artefact, also levels it so that its “presence” is even more balanced.

This allusion to classical beauty marks a clear distinction between heavy and institutionally ugly street furnishings and opens the way towards a concept of public beauty, of beauty for everyone.

Almost an educational gesture of trust towards the community, often accused of the “outdoor syndrome” whereby people who suffer from it would break loose on public property, defacing and damaging it.

This trash can with its delicate forms and bright color, just like the character of the people of Naples, embodies the esteem of the designers for this city and the desire to redeem the commonplace whereby Neapolitans, and Italians in general, are viewed as a people of hooligans.

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