The Joint line includes a series of tensioning supports installed along Italian highways since 2002.

The design of this street furniture range requires the use of bonded printed PVC sheets held taut on the two longest sides of a structurally lightweight, elegant metal support completely without a frame on the main side.

In just twenty years, new LED technologies and even the digital evolution of communication make it possible and appropriate to recondition the support media.

Simple structural action involving the vertical combs of the original Joint system means that this digital version is ready to adapt to host a technological fabric with a network of LEDs that can replace conventional printed media at sites of greatest interest.

This technological upgrade of system plant is designed to reduce the economic and energy impact of a technological evolution that was already envisaged at the time of the original design.

This is an excellent example of low-impact functional conversion that avoids the possibility of demolition and replacement of hundreds of communication support structures destined to become incompatible with new communication techniques.

The by now iconic design of this line of supports is enhanced by the virtuous use of LED technology at the service of new digital communication plans and more functional than ever as regards the essential outlines of the system.

In addition to the functional action involving the support combs, the new Joint systems are proposed with a new white livery that can be integrated into systems through a simple maintenance procedure already envisaged in the original design project.

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