Previous Next The Joint line includes a series of tensioning supports installed along Italian highways since 2002. The design of this street furniture range requires the use of bonded printed PVC sheets held taut on the two longest sides of a structurally lightweight, elegant metal support completely without a frame on the main side. In […]

BBX 66 (3D Printed)

Previous Next Growing demand for unique and limited edition objects prompted us to test a production method widely used for some years in prototyping but only to a very limited extent for mass production. Thanks to recent technological developments, 3D printing has helped us create a new “on demand” production line for BBX 66 3D […]


Previous Next BBX XX is the formal evolution of a family of high-performance audio devices designed for a high-end market intended for lovers of craftsmanship quality, technology and design. This customizable device is designed to be built in limited edition quantities. It comprises a sturdy aluminium box finished by two pairs of shells that can […]

Tower 200

Previous Next This spectacular vertical wall is 3 meters wide and 15 meters high. It comprises a wooden structure of cleverly spaced superimposed crossed beams generating an original “pattern” made up of six superimposed ideograms, dedicated six periods in the history of Verona. Starting at the bottom: Roman Verona in I century A.D., dominion under […]

Chassis 80/200

Previous Next A series of nomadic Micro Architectures installed along the airport promenade. They are used as advertising support stands and, aligned at due distances, mark the space along the pedestrian route. Their structural function as advertising media is met thanks to a series of metal accessories mounted on the horizontal edges used to tauten […]


Precedente Successivo Promenade is the new landmark for Verona Airport. A smooth, discrete surface 15 meters wide by 200 meters long parallel to the terminal’s new facade that acts as a barrier for private vehicle traffic and a structural facility for pedestrian flows. Dotted with a series of elegant, seductive and ironic furnishings, Promenade becomes […]

Sostenibilità e Benessere

Previous Next One of the areas of company assessment growing over time concerns the acceptance of social responsibility on the part of businesses.In other words, their concern for sustainable development. Sustainability is coming distinctly to the fore, especially among “new” segments, i.e. young people and adults taking a responsible stance in society. As a consequence, […]

Una Lezione sul Futuro

This “Lesson on the Future” represents the summary of an in-depth study on the topic of Sustainability and Well-being which I had the privilege of conducting, last December, coordinating the work of a group of experts at Atelier Pellini, the creative department of Pellini Caffè.  In deepening this two concepts which were at the center […]

69F Sailing

Previous Next 69F Sailing is a project realized by sailors, athletes, managers and men of communication who believe in the future of sailing hydrofoil and its affirmation in the world of professional regattas as well as in the world of lifestyle and amateur sport; or, in wider terms, every sports enthusiast who loves adrenaline, nature […]

Atelier Pellini

A show in three acts about a unique and unmistakable coffee. Atelier Pellini is a stage set that presents the experiences of a family of entrepreneurs who have traveled the world in search of the best way to improve the delightful flavor of their signature coffee. A family which looks for ways to respect nature […]