BBX XX is the formal evolution of a family of high-performance audio devices designed for a high-end market intended for lovers of craftsmanship quality, technology and design.

This customizable device is designed to be built in limited edition quantities.

It comprises a sturdy aluminium box finished by two pairs of shells that can be customized with easily replaced fashionable fabrics.

The box finished with fabric is caged inside a rack comprising two inter-linked crosses.

The structure of the rack protects the technological apparatus for transport and installation, while also achieving an essential, “industrial chic” appearance in stark contrast with the elegant and distinctly glamorous message of the fashion fabrics used for the box.

BBX XX is plug and play: the box contains amplifiers, speakers, wiring, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth transmitters.

In terms of performance, the system can reproduce very low sounds, starting from 35 Hz up to 22 KHz very high frequencies. These features rank this device in the high-end category of audio products. Outputs are naturally different for the two models while retaining the same generous footprint: 1000 Watts for BBX XX and 400 Watts for the XXS version.

The fabric panels and the finishing of the cross-pieces can be customized. The goal is to play with combinations and metamorphosis that BBX XX can achieve with every new change of appearance.

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