An information system for the City of Naples.

All information systems are designed in the awareness that every object installed in public areas must perform as many functions as possible.
This is why each “stake” plays the dual role supporting the advertising or institutional framework as well as supporting information of various kinds: taxis, pharmacies, street names, etc.

In formal terms, the two levels of communication are quite distinct.
The result is a series of “utterly new” objects, with a soft offering of messages and information, yet also solid and long-lasting, highlighted by color when it comes to more important communications such as clocks and info points.

The system highlights its propensity for “human relationships” or rather its aptitude for relating to human figures in an optimal manner, making it easy to consult the maps and the information provided.
The horizontal format facilitates complete consultation, within the eye’s reach, of all content, so that people compiling such information have greater graphic freedom.

Always two-sided, with side reserved for the Public Administration always facing pedestrian traffic.
The “info point” version, thanks to its generous dimensions, is a product designed to support an “important” level of communication; it is also intended for quick consultation that does not require stopping.
Again two-sided, the face for the Public Administration may contain social-institutional-cultural information either in the form of backlit panels or LEDs.
It is the only item in the family that has two poles.
They are necessary for static purposes but also perform an important symbolic function by emphasizing the different scale compared to the other elements.
Its size also justifies the elimination of the oval element normally placed above the framework, which would be rather pointless given the distance from the point of observation.

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