BBX 66

The BBX66 was designed starting from the idea that it would be placed outdoors and therefore would be subject to considerable wear and tear. Inasmuch, it had to be resistant to water and accidental bumps. It also had to be light enough to be transported and yet heavy enough not to flip over at maximum volume. It was intended only to have the power cable and the Bluetooth audio port.
—Paolo Casti

The BBX66 comprises an aluminum box with two lobes with to two cushions on the back that soften the support; the main body is enclosed by a metal mesh which protects the light alloy speakers from shocks.

The soft curve between the two cylinders that characterize it suggests the possibility of being carried on one’s shoulder.
The shell is scratched aluminum, treated to give it a well-used look. This treatment is obviously only possible if the thickness of the metal allows it.
In this case, the three millimeter thickness of the metal is more than enough. Choosing such a solid case distances itself from all devices that marketed for home use and designed to be looked at and not touched.

The front metal mesh can be subjected to any kind of rough treatment without any consequences except in coming to look even more worn like the outside shell.

The choice of natural leather for the back cushions softens the rough image of the BBX66 and gives it the status of a quality item, reiterated by the leather strap attached to the two ends.

Yet this is not the only version.
The ability to customize exists as in all things I design, and the BBX66 is a marvelous opportunity to uphold this tradition.

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