Colonna Meteo

In conceptual terms, Colonna Meteo is the most important street furniture line developed for the City of Naples.
It summarizes three functions in a sleek, elegant form: bench, compass and weather station.

It is a circular bench comprising of twelve red marble ashlars that block the totem on the ground.
The surface is smooth and the bench seat is slanted to make sitting more comfortably and allow rainwater run-off.
The center of this large, circular “bench” is home to a cylinder with three backlit panels, connected and separated by simple aluminium fittings.

This aluminium structure has a circular crown at the top designed to protect the panels underneath and support the compass. The compass informs bystanders of the cardinal points, local winds and marvellous landscapes.
No compass is the same as any other since the combination of elements varies depending on the specific location of the totem. Each totem will therefore have special graphics.

There is a transparent, colored semi-spherical dome on top of the compass.
The colors change in relation to weather forecasts, varying across an infinite range of shades: from red for bad weather to blue for good weather. This “change” in colors is managed by a digital barometer.
The barometer analyzes humidity and pressure parameters to translate them into computer signals, in turn transformed into chromatic frequencies conveyed upwards by a projector to illuminate the inside surface of the dome.

The totem then directs the line of sight and provides information about weather conditions: a useful and attractive tool in a city of the sea that wants to live and enjoy life outdoors.

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