Previous Next The Joint line includes a series of tensioning supports installed along Italian highways since 2002. The design of this street furniture range requires the use of bonded printed PVC sheets held taut on the two longest sides of a structurally lightweight, elegant metal support completely without a frame on the main side. In […]

Tower 200

Previous Next This spectacular vertical wall is 3 meters wide and 15 meters high. It comprises a wooden structure of cleverly spaced superimposed crossed beams generating an original “pattern” made up of six superimposed ideograms, dedicated six periods in the history of Verona. Starting at the bottom: Roman Verona in I century A.D., dominion under […]

Chassis 80/200

Previous Next A series of nomadic Micro Architectures installed along the airport promenade. They are used as advertising support stands and, aligned at due distances, mark the space along the pedestrian route. Their structural function as advertising media is met thanks to a series of metal accessories mounted on the horizontal edges used to tauten […]


Precedente Successivo Promenade is the new landmark for Verona Airport. A smooth, discrete surface 15 meters wide by 200 meters long parallel to the terminal’s new facade that acts as a barrier for private vehicle traffic and a structural facility for pedestrian flows. Dotted with a series of elegant, seductive and ironic furnishings, Promenade becomes […]


Previous Next BBX City was created with the intention of integrating the huge potential for involving OOH communication with the appeal of digital technologies. It has a pulsating white heart, a large, bright face, two small eyes and four strong legs. BBX City stands on a stabilization system that is not fixed to the ground.
The […]


Previous Next Every airport has its own personality.As for people, airport character often depends on who or what surrounds it, the energy it emanates or accumulates thanks to users of its facilities. During my frequent visits to Apulia, two things struck me most: the silent, imposing and friendly nature, and the serious, effective and ambitious […]


Sturdiness, determination, elegance and lightness are the four stylistic codes characterizing this unusual and innovative object. A mobile, extending support system (185 x 250 x 80) made of aluminium that can be transported complete with double-sided graphics in a Porsche 911. Year Category Related Projects 22 TVision 22 Tramp 22 Colonna Meteo 22 2Pigreco 22 […]


Previous Next 2Pigreco is a mobile tensioner support comprising two small stands in laminated wood that stabilize and support a stainless steel cross.The “canvas” measuring just under six meters long descends on both sides; it is held taut by two counterweights barely slotting into the grooves in the trestles. This streamlined object presents a “picture […]


Previous Next 70” Full-HD vertical LCD multimedia display. As early as 2005, Clear Channel was ahead of its times when it presented an innovative support for video information specifically for the world of Digital Signage and Digital Advertising. TVision is equipped with 70” LCD technology panels, integrated with special industrial PCs, proximity sensors with wireless […]

Panchina Napoli

Previous Next Bench used in the historic Center of Naples. It is made of impregnated and varnished mahogany, as on cruise ships, and the backrest is clearly inspired by ocean surfboards. The brackets stand back from the bench itself to reach the backrest from behind, in order to make it independent and enhance the outlines […]