BBX Disco Volante

The “Disco Volante” is a disc-shaped, built-in audio and lighting system.
It is comprises two symmetrical, mirrored half-shells on a horizontal lighted plane. It is three meters in diameter and has a light alloy tubular structure covered in stretchy material which can be personalized. It is a neoprene coupled with a high-strength lycra that allows the speaker’s circular shape to be glimpsed by leveraging the “push-forward” effect used in many devices in this line. Hanging from the ceiling with a large hole in the center, it has everything needed to play music and spread lights without cluttering and wiring on the ground. The streamlined BBX Disco Volante measuring just 6 x 33 cm impressively houses twelve speakers, three stereo amplifiers and a latest-generation Wi-Fi device that allows independent audio wiring and intelligent matching to similar devices.

It is capable of producing the lowest level bass sounds starting from 35hz, up to the highest frequency levels from 22Khz all the way up to the imposing power of 2000 watt.
Its overhead position means that the speakers can be oriented to cover the entire space below without shadows or physical impediments, thereby ensuring optimal listening over 50 and 100 square meters depending on the ground level.

Its outer perimeter is equipped with an RGB LED band which can provide a virtually infinite series of colors to achieve any ambience desired. The inner perimeter holds twelve LED lamps controlled by software that allows separate and synchronized operation of the switching on-off and the intensity of the lighting fixtures.
The only input cable is the power cable; the lights and the audiovisual systems are managed and controlled by remote access through wireless transmission of content and bright effects.
A motor connected to the three slim cables that suspend the object allows height from the ground to be modified in relation to use.

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