Atelier Pellini (Interior Design)

Atelier Pellini is a stage set that presents the experiences of a family of entrepreneurs who have traveled the world in search of the best way to improve the delightful flavor of their signature coffee. A family which looks for ways to respect nature and the work of coffee-growers.
It is a story that begins with cultivation in the Caribbean, South America, Africa and the East and finishes in front of a steaming cup of coffee enjoyed at home, in a coffee bar or any other place around the world. It is not about words but about the colors, materials, processing, images, light and the ingredients in an exotic recipe studied to inspire well-being, self-assurance and contentment.

Atelier Pellini is an excellent opportunity for the company to promote its own distinct and unique values on the market. It is not only about providing accommodation, education or evening events for guests but also about offering a style and being a brand name, especially one quite different from multinationals or companies that have lost their entrepreneurial identities.

I am talking about the way of “doing business” that all Italian companies once possessed, giving substance to one of the most famous brands in the world: “Made in Italy” or rather “the Italian way of life.”

For this reason, I created a project that not only takes into consideration the day-to-day features of the guesthouse but also offers guests a memorable experience. At the same time, it offers an effective story for those who are not specifically visiting the Atelier but who will experience the project through media and hopefully value it as a delightful intersection of design, business and company communication.

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