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SUMMER is the best-LOVED season but also the one most FORGOTTEN by advertisers.
Yet, while it is true that fewer people watch TV and go to the cinema because they usually prefer staying outside to enjoy themselves, it is equally true that when you go out you also see advertising.
Inasmuch, posters are seen all the more in Summer than other seasons and, as a result, there is no reason why the trend for outdoor advertising should be similar to other media vehicles and consequently negative.

The idea that we can build a Summer image for outdoor media stems from the consideration that the structural LIMITS of the offering blocked market demand, that therefore overlooked the real potential of the media in this period – so that IT’S UP TO US to take the initiative.

Our Group has a quantity of advertising space and a type of distribution that enables us to implement SIMPLE (so to speak) logistical re-organization to change the strategic structure of the offering in accordance with the traffic flow characteristics.

This means that we are able to modify our coverage products in relation to the seasonal nature of vehicle and pedestrian flows. What is more important is that WE ACHIEVED IT.
In brief, we created circuits that cover the Summer itineraries of ITALIANS ON HOLIDAY.

Be they short or long holidays, we managed to connect with people from Milan who travel to take the boat to Lavagna or Portofino, people from Verona who travel to the lake or the mountains, those from Palermo who go to Mondello in the evening to enjoy an ICE SLUSH – just to mention the first examples that come to mind.

This obviously and significantly changes the framework of the issue and means that all advertisers – from marketing experts, to creatives and media planners – can consider this new opportunity and imagine outdoor advertising in a less static and disconnected way, at least at this time of year, from so-called work activities; it also communicates the idea that large or small city can be lived as the setting for holidays at times enjoyed simple as the between transition GOING OUT and GOING HOME, yet often also as a destination for Summer tourism and therefore with people willing to look even more carefully at what is part of the landscape and – why not -even enjoying more APPROPRIATE advertising for the period.
And then there are Roads and Highways, full-scale concentrators or, rather, “flow channelers”, capable of measuring the transits and routes of traveling Italians one by one.
The recent progress in new advertising installations along the entire highway network has helped our Group improve awareness and knowledge about the methods for optimizing CONTACTS along the ARTERIES of Italy.

What is even more important is that WE TRANSFERRED information about highway flows to the cognitive framework for traffic in urban centers, enabling us in this way to define a detailed and precise travel map that will provide advertisers access to products developed around logics linked with the actual dynamics of movement over analyzed networks or, to put it in “STAR WARS” terms, on “channeled flows”.

After doing this, we dealt with the topic most dear to us: verifying what happens in metropolitan areas during the SUNNY SEASON.
To do so, we commissioned Astra/Demoskopea to conduct organic research into our project that would complete the cognitive framework concerning travel, attendance, consumption, advertising and – why not – even the PURCHASING propensity of Italians during the holiday period.

This colorful document summarizes SUMMER METROPOLIS research. This research also helped us build the SUMMER NETWORKS – product packages along the routes traveled by Italians.
A new proposal dedicated to Advertisers to help them plan outdoor advertising even in Summer by following their respective targets and – as far as we are concerned – a fine opportunity to win MARKET SHARE, if you allow us to do so, by taking advantage of distraction from the other MEDIA.

Paolo Casti

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